eHealth Acceptance matters:
A Transnational Conference 2012

120 participants discussed on 5th and 6th of November in Brussels the topic how to raise the acceptance of eHealth. The organisers from the ICT for Health project would like to thank all participants for their contribution to the success of this international event that assumed several aspects of the issue.

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Online debate started:
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17 January 2013 Final report published more 16 October 2012 Portal eHealth for citizen online One more eHealth portal was developed by the partners of the ICT for Health project. more 28 September 2012 ICT for Health at BMJ Open Journal The ICT for Health project presented its study results at BMJ Open Journal. more 22 August 2012 Role of ICT The recent finalised ‘Report on health care organisation in the partner regions and the role of ICT in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases’ presents the role of ICT in the countries: Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Finland, Poland and Sweden. Based on the national and regional geographic and population data, the organization of the health care systems, their classification, and financing is described.